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17 March 2013 @ 05:41 pm
Again so much stuff p,q And I'm always to lazy to post xD for everything... BUT now... xDD

At first...some stuff which I bought, when I was visiting my dear, some time ago ^^

IMG_3757_phixr KopieIMG_3755_phixr Kopie
Get this two items in a shop at Zeilgalerie and I really love the boots, they remind me that much at Sailor Moon xD

IMG_3768_phixr KopieIMG_3784_phixr_phixr Kopie
Accessoires ^^ I love to wear pearls at the moment, they go perfectly with all my Ma*rs stuff. The necklace is from Biju and the bracelet from Claire's ^^

IMG_3781_phixr KopieIMG_3767_phixr Kopie
More shoes xD I bought so many shoes at least. 5 pairs? Sick xD Oh and the headband is also from Claire's, the shoes from Deichmann.

IMG_3774_phixr KopieIMG_3760_phixr Kopie
So...that was everything from Frankfurt I think xD The first shirt is also from a shop at Zeilgalerie and the second it's from REAL Ma*rs. My Dear bought it, but she don't like it, so she give it to me ^^

IMG_3756_phixr KopieIMG_3775_phixr Kopie
Both Liz Lisa, both really warm and fluffy ^^

And now...Ma*rs ^o^

IMG_3779_phixr KopieIMG_3777_phixr Kopie
From a nice italian girl^^

IMG_3780_phixr KopieIMG_3810_phixr Kopie

I also get a top from La Pafait *-* it's so adorable...

IMG_3763_phixr Kopie

And I still waiting for so much stuff ö_ö

I made a shopping tour truth the city some days ago and bought this ^^

IMG_3788_phixr KopieIMG_3789_phixr Kopie

Shoes Ö.Ö

IMG_3776_phixr KopieIMG_3795_phixr Kopie

Bought from Tally Weijl o_o Maybe I will change the buttons at the trench coat ^^° have to see...
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