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23 February 2013 @ 11:04 pm
It's so long, that I've post the last time @.@ I was a bit lazy xD
But I've got so much stuff xD so...here we go ^^

New Ma*rs stuff, which I bought from a really nice girl:

IMG_3617_phixr KopieIMG_3607_phixr Kopie
I get this set. It seems to be an older one, but it's really nice and sexy ^-^

IMG_3620_phixr KopieIMG_3618_phixr Kopie
I also bought this two hotpants from her. The red one is from REAL Ma*rs. They looks really cool, even they are not that much my style. But now I think, that I will keep them.

IMG_3475_phixr Kopie
I'm sooooo happy to get this bunny jacket >< And the jacket wasn't even expensive xD

From another girl I bought this two items:
IMG_3668_phixr KopieIMG_3463_phixr Kopie
The top is from GOLDS infinity and the leggings from REAL Ma*rs.

IMG_3609_phixr KopieIMG_3643_phixr Kopie
I directly fall in love with this cute shorts. I have bought this blouse from an ebayseller, to wear them together, but I imagine that the GOLDS infinity top also fit well with the shorts ^^

More Ma*rs stuff ^^
IMG_3642_phixr KopieIMG_3634_phixr Kopie
IMG_3619_phixr KopieIMG_3608_phixr Kopie
The first two things brought my Dear with her, when she came to visit me. The stockings are so hot, aren't they? The blouse is a bit whatever x'D I'm not sure, if I will wear them O.o But the black lacy skirt is really cute, even if it's quite simple. I really like them ^-^

IMG_3644_phixr KopieIMG_3504_phixr Kopie
And two shorts. The second one is from d.i.a, unfortunately they are to big ; ;

Some accessories...
IMG_3647_phixr KopieIMG_3648_phixr Kopie
The bracelets are from New Yorker and the belt from Ma*rs ^^

IMG_3682_phixr KopieIMG_3477_phixr Kopie
Overknee boots *-* I'm so happy to find them, also on ebay *-* the quality isn't the best, but they fits perfectly ^-^ The bunny jacket is also great. Bought them from a strange german/chinese side. But it's so fluffy and warm and...just love xD

Last but not least... 3D nails.
IMG_3675_phixr-1 Kopie
They look...just great. I will buy more 3D nails in the future, I think. Hopefully they will fit so perfectly like this set ^_^

So...this was really a lot of stuff. I have to post more often, especially 'cause I still waiting for a lot of stuff ^_^

see you ö.ö//
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