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10 February 2014 @ 10:03 pm
17 March 2013 @ 08:58 pm

~ 13. o2. 2o13 ~

IMG_3808 Kopie

tried something new with my hair ^^

also here...

~ 15. o3. 2o13 ~

IMG_3812 Kopie

And...the outfit ^^

IMG_3821 Kopie

Top: La Pafait
Skirt: Ma*rs
Cardi: New Yorker
Shoes: offbrand
Stockings: Ma*rs
Bracelet: New Yorker
Earrings: Ma*rs
Hairbow: Claire's
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17 March 2013 @ 05:41 pm
Again so much stuff p,q And I'm always to lazy to post xD for everything... BUT now... xDD

At first...some stuff which I bought, when I was visiting my dear, some time ago ^^

IMG_3757_phixr KopieIMG_3755_phixr Kopie
Get this two items in a shop at Zeilgalerie and I really love the boots, they remind me that much at Sailor Moon xD

IMG_3768_phixr KopieIMG_3784_phixr_phixr Kopie
Accessoires ^^ I love to wear pearls at the moment, they go perfectly with all my Ma*rs stuff. The necklace is from Biju and the bracelet from Claire's ^^

IMG_3781_phixr KopieIMG_3767_phixr Kopie
More shoes xD I bought so many shoes at least. 5 pairs? Sick xD Oh and the headband is also from Claire's, the shoes from Deichmann.

IMG_3774_phixr KopieIMG_3760_phixr Kopie
So...that was everything from Frankfurt I think xD The first shirt is also from a shop at Zeilgalerie and the second it's from REAL Ma*rs. My Dear bought it, but she don't like it, so she give it to me ^^

IMG_3756_phixr KopieIMG_3775_phixr Kopie
Both Liz Lisa, both really warm and fluffy ^^

And now...Ma*rs ^o^

IMG_3779_phixr KopieIMG_3777_phixr Kopie
From a nice italian girl^^

IMG_3780_phixr KopieIMG_3810_phixr Kopie

I also get a top from La Pafait *-* it's so adorable...

IMG_3763_phixr Kopie

And I still waiting for so much stuff ö_ö

I made a shopping tour truth the city some days ago and bought this ^^

IMG_3788_phixr KopieIMG_3789_phixr Kopie

Shoes Ö.Ö

IMG_3776_phixr KopieIMG_3795_phixr Kopie

Bought from Tally Weijl o_o Maybe I will change the buttons at the trench coat ^^° have to see...
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24 February 2013 @ 11:19 pm

~ 24. o2. 2o13 ~

Stupid picture, but everything from Ma*rs today ^-^

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23 February 2013 @ 11:18 pm

~ 21. o2. 2o13 ~

My hair was so whatever x'D

IMG_3680 Kopie

Top: GOLDS infintiy
Shorts: offbrand
Shoes: offbrand
Hairpin: claire's
Bracelet: New Yorker

~ 22. o2. 2o13 ~

Tried a hair tutorial from youtube ^-^

IMG_3688 Kopie

Dress: Ma*rs
Cardi: offbrand
Shoes: offbrand
Tights, earrings & bracelet: claire's
chocker: offbrand

And today:

IMG_3710 Kopie

Skirt, cami, knit & earrings: Ma*rs
Cardi: New yorker
Hairpins & bracelet: claire's
Shoes: offbrand
Chocker: offbrand

IMG_3697 Kopie

Also tried a hair tutorial from youtube ^^
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23 February 2013 @ 11:04 pm
It's so long, that I've post the last time @.@ I was a bit lazy xD
But I've got so much stuff xD so...here we go ^^

New Ma*rs stuff, which I bought from a really nice girl:

IMG_3617_phixr KopieIMG_3607_phixr Kopie
I get this set. It seems to be an older one, but it's really nice and sexy ^-^

IMG_3620_phixr KopieIMG_3618_phixr Kopie
I also bought this two hotpants from her. The red one is from REAL Ma*rs. They looks really cool, even they are not that much my style. But now I think, that I will keep them.

IMG_3475_phixr Kopie
I'm sooooo happy to get this bunny jacket >< And the jacket wasn't even expensive xD

From another girl I bought this two items:
IMG_3668_phixr KopieIMG_3463_phixr Kopie
The top is from GOLDS infinity and the leggings from REAL Ma*rs.

IMG_3609_phixr KopieIMG_3643_phixr Kopie
I directly fall in love with this cute shorts. I have bought this blouse from an ebayseller, to wear them together, but I imagine that the GOLDS infinity top also fit well with the shorts ^^

More Ma*rs stuff ^^
IMG_3642_phixr KopieIMG_3634_phixr Kopie
IMG_3619_phixr KopieIMG_3608_phixr Kopie
The first two things brought my Dear with her, when she came to visit me. The stockings are so hot, aren't they? The blouse is a bit whatever x'D I'm not sure, if I will wear them O.o But the black lacy skirt is really cute, even if it's quite simple. I really like them ^-^

IMG_3644_phixr KopieIMG_3504_phixr Kopie
And two shorts. The second one is from d.i.a, unfortunately they are to big ; ;

Some accessories...
IMG_3647_phixr KopieIMG_3648_phixr Kopie
The bracelets are from New Yorker and the belt from Ma*rs ^^

IMG_3682_phixr KopieIMG_3477_phixr Kopie
Overknee boots *-* I'm so happy to find them, also on ebay *-* the quality isn't the best, but they fits perfectly ^-^ The bunny jacket is also great. Bought them from a strange german/chinese side. But it's so fluffy and warm and...just love xD

Last but not least... 3D nails.
IMG_3675_phixr-1 Kopie
They look...just great. I will buy more 3D nails in the future, I think. Hopefully they will fit so perfectly like this set ^_^

So...this was really a lot of stuff. I have to post more often, especially 'cause I still waiting for a lot of stuff ^_^

see you ö.ö//
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12 January 2013 @ 06:23 pm

One again I get a lot of new stuff ^-^
Here we go...

IMG_3404_phixr KopieIMG_3460_phixr
A Ma*rs dress and a Ma*rs bra ^^

IMG_3446_phixr KopieIMG_3461_phixr Kopie
Another Ma*rs dress and I finally get a mannequin ^_^ Now I can take better pictures ^^ Ow, and a Ma*rs headband. I really love the print on the big ribbon <3

IMG_3451_phixr KopieIMG_3455_phixr Kopie
I also bought some new shoes at Deichmann, in Slovenia, when I was by my parents, over the last weekend ^^

IMG_3408_phixr KopieIMG_3409
And my ordered lashes finally arrived. They look so beautiful ^^

IMG_3454_phixr Kopie
I also get this poncho, at the shop, where my mother works ^^ It was really cheap and it goes great with all my Ma*rs stuff xD

IMG_3450_phixr KopieIMG_3447_phixr Kopie
I was also on a little shopping tour today xD And bought this sneakers at Pimkie and this cool cardi at Forever 18.
I also ordered a lot of stuff. Hope, that it will arrives soon ^^°

02 January 2013 @ 09:26 pm

Today's outfit ~ o2. o1. 2o13 

Sorry for the mess in the background <3 However, it's completely Ma*rs ^.^ The dress, the stockings, the shoes, the belt, necklace and also the bra.  
The dress and the bra are new, so I'll post them later ^^

01 January 2013 @ 10:05 pm

I was a bit lazy to post ^_^ and I get a lot of new things at december xD

At first a big Ma*rs package from a italian girl, with a lot of cool things...
IMG_3294_phixr KopieIMG_3293_phixr Kopie
This dress and a skirt, but I'm not sure about the dress, it's with flowers and flowers actually not my style. However...

IMG_3295_phixr KopieIMG_3315_phixr Kopie
A really cool set ^-^

IMG_3307_phixr KopieIMG_3317_phixr KopieIMG_3318_phixr KopieIMG_3301_phixr
This really hot stockings and a garter...

IMG_3311_phixr KopieIMG_3313_phixr Kopie_phixr
I love this shoes soooo much >,< and I'm so happy, that they fit me ^^° the bag isn't that great xD it's from Real Ma*rs and not my style.

IMG_3297_phixr KopieIMG_3283_phixr Kopie
I also get this belt and another one, the heart chain belt, which I already have. I also received this earrings, which are also very cute <3  

But I get more stuff. A Real Ma*rs shirt, which i've traded against a skirt.
IMG_3339_phixr Kopie

Some stuff was also shipped to my Dear ^^
IMG_3375_phixr KopieIMG_3385_phixr Kopie
This DreamV sandals and a Ma*rs necklace and also this Ma*rs replica bracelet.
IMG_3319_phixr Kopie

Really a lot of stuff, hm? But everything is so cool xD And I can't stop to buy, stuff. Thinking all the time...more Ma*rs stuff xDDD
creepy ö.o

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